Meet The Chef

Your Chef, Peter Twitchett

After two decades working as a leading chef in Australia and Canada, the opportunity to run the Grain of the Silos kitchen lured Peter Twitchett to the Apple Isle.

Peter toured Tasmania for weeks, greeting growers and meeting their wares. The care and consideration shown toward each slice of beef, chunk of cheddar and drop of pinot noir stamped a strong impression on this chef, who draws inspiration from the unadulterated quality of the state’s produce. It was something Peter had to be part of. So he and his family crossed Bass Strait armed with enthusiasm and a couple of extra jumpers. 

Doing what many of his mainland peers can only dream of, Peter is now surrounded by unadulterated produce often delivered to the door by a farmer in muddy Blunnies. It’s been made, grown or raised on an island with pure air, lush pastures and crisp streams.  

It’s all pretty perfect really, so Peter intends you to enjoy just that: Tasmania’s finest styled simply for your pleasure. 

This chef particularly fancies Robbins Island beef, wasabi, black truffles, hazelnuts and the humble northwest spud. So expect tartare, tortellini, gnocchi and praline amongst other dishes intended to wow. Chef Peter and his team look forward to cooking for you and showing off the real tastes of Tasmania.  


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